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   Cedar Rapids Kennedy Girls Golf Team

Printable Roster
Grace Archambeau FR
Courtney Baker SO
Olivia Bowden FR
Katie Choate SR
Katherine Collins SO
Madison Friauf SO
Tasha Gilkison FR
Abigail Haller SR
Jenna Hauschild SR
Olivia Herring FR
Annette Marsalli JR
Claire Phelps SR
Amelia Spreitzer SO
Raelyn Stecker FR
Ana Vilanova SO
Home 04/06/2017 - Thu Ellis, Cedar Rapids
Away 04/11/2017 - Tue Irv Warren, Waterloo
Away 04/13/2017 - Thu Brown Deer, Coralville
Home 04/17/2017 - Mon Ellis, Cedar Rapids
Away 04/19/2017 - Wed Gardner, Marion
Away 04/25/2017 - Tue Hunters Ridge, Marion
Away 04/27/2017 - Thu Bunker Hill, Dubuque
Away 05/01/2017 - Mon St Andrews, Cedar Rapids
Away 05/08/2017 - Mon Pheasant Ridge, Cedar Falls
Away 05/11/2017 - Thu Bunker Hill, Dubuque
Home 05/15/2017 - Mon Ellis, Cedar Rapids
05/22/2017 - Mon Regionals
Neutral 05/30/2017 - Tue Coldwater Golf LInks, Ames
Neutral 05/31/2017 - Wed Coldwater Golf Links, Ames

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