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   River Valley Girls Golf Team

Printable Roster
Dannie Book SO
Megan Carstens SO
Becca Eades SR
Cassi Grell JR
Bryar Hansen JR
Jessica Kirchner SR
Kaylee Kirchner JR
Alycen Knaack SR
Taylor Knaack FR
Amber Meadows JR
EmaLeigh Nelson SO
Andrea Otto SR
Chelsea Redenius SO
Teagan Stevenson SO
Makenna Thomas SR
Alyssa Trapp SR
Home 03/28/2017 - Tue Correctionville
Home 04/03/2017 - Mon Conf; At Correctionvlle
Home 04/06/2017 - Thu At Quimby
Home 04/08/2017 - Sat At Quimby
Away 04/10/2017 - Mon Conf: At Sloan
Away 04/13/2017 - Thu At Moville
Away 04/18/2017 - Tue Conf; At Kingsley
Away 04/21/2017 - Fri At Dunlop
Away 04/24/2017 - Mon Conf; At Ida Grove
Away 05/01/2017 - Mon Conf; At Onawa
Away 05/03/2017 - Wed Sioux City East; Whispering Creek
Away 05/08/2017 - Mon Conf Tourney; At Lemars
Away 05/15/2017 - Mon 1st Round Regionals Fort Dodge
Away 05/22/2017 - Mon 2nd Round Regional Livermore
Neutral 05/30/2017 - Tue State Marshalltown
Neutral 05/31/2017 - Wed State Marshalltown

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