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   East Buchanan Girls Golf Team

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Gabby Clinton SO
Sarah Collison JR
Kayla Dudley SO
Katie Gee JR
Megan Gee SR
Grace Gudenkauf SO
Ashley Hackett SO
Hayley Hamilton JR
Kiera Hellenthal FR
Corissa Knutson FR
Emma Kress FR
Kayla Kress SO
Nicole Pettinger SO
Cheyenne Syhlman FR
Sheldon Syhlman SR
Becca Walthart SR
Home 04/10/2018 - Tue Buffalo Creek G.C. (Clayton Ridge)
Home 04/13/2018 - Fri Buffalo Creek G.C, (North Linn)
Away 04/17/2018 - Tue Valley Oaks C.C. (Clinton, Prince of Peace
Home 04/20/2018 - Fri Buffalo Creek G.C. (Calamus-Wheatland)
Home 04/23/2018 - Mon Buffalo Creek G.C. (Alburnett)
Home 04/24/2018 - Tue Buffalo Creek G.C. (Lisbon)
Away 04/27/2018 - Fri @ Meadowville, Central City (Springville)
Away 04/28/2018 - Sat North Tama (18 Hole) Tournament
Neutral 05/07/2018 - Mon Pin Oak (Conference Tournament)
Neutral 05/14/2018 - Mon Regional #1 (Buffalo Creek G.C, Winthrop)
Neutral 05/21/2018 - Mon Regional Finals (Lone Pines, Colesburg)
Neutral 05/29/2018 - Tue State Tournament (American Legion G.C)
Neutral 05/30/2018 - Wed State Tournament (American Legion G.C)

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