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   Waukee Girls Golf Team

Printable Roster
Emalee Andrews JR
Brooke Boardman JR
Morgan Brown FR
Jacy Coady FR
Lily Couchman SO
Kealee Crandall SO
Maizy Criss FR
Rachel Divingnzzo SO
Sara Divingnzzo SR
Meghan Doherty SO
Sydney Doocy JR
Aubrey Duenas SO
Alexa Ferrel SO
Katie Forret SO
Caroline Fossell JR
Grace Gallagher SR
Brett Hatch SO
Kelsey Hubble SR
Kassidy Johnson JR
Elle Kramer JR
Sydney Landin SO
Katelyn Mardis SR
Erin McDonald JR
Mary McLaughlin JR
Madison Nicholl FR
Hannah Sand SR
Megan Seiler SO
Katherine Shutters SO
Elina Sovalona SO
Allie Steer SO
Savannah Tiffany SO
Sydney Vicente FR
Carrie Wilhite SO
Jessey Wyzgowski JR
Away 04/05/2018 - Thu Willow Creek, WDM
Away 04/10/2018 - Tue Veenker, Ames
Away 04/23/2018 - Mon Veenker, Ames
Away 04/24/2018 - Tue Hunters Ridge, Cedar Rapids
Away 04/26/2018 - Thu Legion, Marshalltown
Away 04/30/2018 - Mon Jester Park, Granger
Away 05/01/2018 - Tue Copper Creek, Pleasant Hill
Away 05/02/2018 - Wed Willow Creek, WDM
Home 05/07/2018 - Mon Lake Panorama National, Panora
Home 05/09/2018 - Wed Sugar Creek, Waukee
Home 05/11/2018 - Fri Sugar Creek, Waukee
Away 05/16/2018 - Wed Copper Creek, Pleasant Hill
Away 05/21/2018 - Mon Regionals, TBA

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