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   Ames Girls Golf Team

Printable Roster
Shayna Abel SR
Sarah Andrews FR
Taylor Balsley SO
Bryce Bearson FR
Lydia Grawe SR
Julia Greenlee SR
Amy Guan JR
Tessa Huff JR
Ainsley Jurgens FR
Sydney Kain SO
Alexa Linder SR
Ellie Nusbaum FR
Maddie Ollila FR
Irina Pogorelko SR
Megan Riesselman SO
Jiayue Rong JR
Ella Rouse FR
Callie Server SO
Ella Slade SR
Jenna Stegman SR
Julia Stevens SR
Gretchen Webber SR
Emily Wengert SR
Leah Ylonen FR
04/08/2019 - Mon Urbandale Golf & Country Club
Away 04/15/2019 - Mon Willow Creek Golf Course
04/16/2019 - Tue Briarwood Club of Ankeny
04/22/2019 - Mon Veenker Memorial Golf Course
04/23/2019 - Tue Veenker Memorial Golf Course
04/25/2019 - Thu
05/01/2019 - Wed Urbandale Golf & Country Club
05/06/2019 - Mon Des Moines Golf and Country Club
05/07/2019 - Tue Veenker Memorial Golf Course
05/09/2019 - Thu Jester Park Golf Course
05/10/2019 - Fri Fort Dodge Country Club
05/15/2019 - Wed Jester Park Golf Course
05/20/2019 - Mon Fort Dodge Country Club
05/28/2019 - Tue
05/29/2019 - Wed Coldwater Golf Links

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