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   BCLUW Girls Golf Team

Printable Roster
Jaelyn Allen SR
Bailey Ashton SR
Emma Averill FR
Alexandria Clemons SO
Allison Engle FR
Presley Engle SO
Abby Feldpausch JR
Abigail Hand SR
Katie Hill FR
Emma Hoveland SO
Maleah Jones FR
Page McWilliams SR
Lilli Moorman SO
Tatum Ridout FR
Grace Stuffelbeam JR
Skye Teckenburg SO
Cassidy Tompkin FR
Madison Ubben JR
Chloe Walters FR
Kennedy Williams JR
Lili Wilson SR
04/08/2019 - Mon Agwsr Community Schools
04/15/2019 - Mon Grundy Center High School
04/16/2019 - Tue West Marshall High School
04/18/2019 - Thu Oakwood Golf Course
04/23/2019 - Tue Wandering Creek Golf Course
04/25/2019 - Thu Oakwood Golf Course
04/29/2019 - Mon BCLUW High School
Away 05/02/2019 - Thu Lincoln Valley Golf Course
Away 05/06/2019 - Mon Pine Lake Country Club
05/13/2019 - Mon Town & Country Golf Club
05/16/2019 - Thu
05/20/2019 - Mon Diamond Trail Golf Club

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