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   Bishop Heelan Girls Golf Team

Printable Roster
Mary Allen SO
Jaiden Beaulieu SO
Isabella Bertran SO
Madi Cramer FR
Alicia Derby JR
Ellie Ernster JR
Anna Fenton FR
Kelli Hartnett SO
Carly Kearney FR
Ellie Koob SO
Haley Koob SR
Madi Koob SO
Aubree Kueny SR
Laynn Lehmann FR
Emilee Leiting SR
Avery Nelson SO
Molly O'Neill JR
Hannah Pederson SR
Lea Pederson SO
Makenzie Solma SO
Maddie Streeter JR
Brooke Wilmesherr SR
Taylor Wilshire SO
03/28/2019 - Thu Dodge Riverside Golf Club
04/08/2019 - Mon Dodge Riverside Golf Club
04/16/2019 - Tue Sun Valley Golf Course
04/23/2019 - Tue Dodge Riverside Golf Club
04/24/2019 - Wed Le Mars Community High School
Away 05/01/2019 - Wed Carroll Country Club
05/02/2019 - Thu Whispering Creek Golf Club
05/07/2019 - Tue Green Valley Golf Course
05/10/2019 - Fri Fort Dodge Country Club
05/10/2019 - Fri Fort Dodge Country Club
05/14/2019 - Tue Whispering Creek Golf Club
05/20/2019 - Mon Lake Creek Country Club

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