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   Winterset Girls Golf Team

Printable Roster
Tori Allen JR
Carli Clifton JR
Tiernan Connelly JR
Natalie Drake SO
Carissa Gerwig FR
Ellen Hetzel JR
Fayth Hiatt FR
Amber Hotopp FR
Reagan Hotopp SR
Brooklyn Hughes JR
Emma Jeffs SO
Taylor Lincoln JR
Justice Melroy JR
Corry Pickering SR
Cameron Rhoads FR
Karly Rodish JR
Mackenzie Skerik FR
Allison Stolte FR
Halley Trucks JR
Meghan Wightman FR
04/02/2019 - Tue Lakeview Country Club
04/08/2019 - Mon Lakeview Country Club
04/09/2019 - Tue Crestmoor Golf Club
04/15/2019 - Mon Lakeview Country Club
04/18/2019 - Thu
04/19/2019 - Fri Lakeview Country Club
Away 04/22/2019 - Mon Ballard Golf & Country Club
04/25/2019 - Thu Gateway Recreation
Away 05/03/2019 - Fri Nishna Hills Golf Club
05/06/2019 - Mon Lakeview Country Club
05/13/2019 - Mon Lakeview Country Club
05/20/2019 - Mon Carroll Country Club
05/28/2019 - Tue Otter Creek Golf Course

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